Intertrade USA Company is an importer and distributor of fine, as well as quality value wines from Italy, France and many other parts of World. We have conveniently located office in Wheeling Illinois. We have been serving the metropolitan Chicago areas for over ten years and are enjoying steady growth. We have fully climate controlled and insured warehouses, use a state of the art tracking system to be able to provide real-time order status as well as shipment arrival notices. We offer delivery service five days a week. Also we offer an extraordinary staff of sales managers who are very well versed about the products we sell, and are updated regularly on current trends, tastes and preferences. We offer Wine Tasting Events, to attract new customers and allow existing ones to try new products. In addition to our personal touch, we offer promotional material on all of products; posters, shelf-talkers, case displays, end isle displays, as well as t-shirts, handbags, glassware, and many more. Our extended client portfolio includes large chain stores, Independent Retailers and Wine Boutiques. Being an importer gives our company an edge over competitors. We are able to keep our prices low, since we are able to receive our fine product directly from the producer, and avoid any additional costs to you. Please enjoy our webside, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments! 


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