Tequila 30-30 Blanco
Tequila crystal with silver reflections , very bright and clean ; with a high average bulk density .
Nose: The first nose has aromas of peach, raw almonds , flowers and herbal . In second nose being white flowers tuberose and orange blossom especially checked. Also they perceived as orange and lime citrus but every real lemon. Pine herbal note no slouch and background there is a subtle smoky note .
Palate: The attack is soft, easily slips through the walls of the mouth but not permeates too . Citrus notes disappear giving way to the herbal notes.

Tequila 30-30 Reposado
View: Tequila pale yellow straw with reflections , bright and clean. With a low average bulk density .
Nose: The first nose dominate herbal and spicy notes : vanilla, coconut , caramel , and a light note of roasted coffee , without leaving behind the aromas of ripe fruit. In second nose they continue to dominate the spicy notes before revealing a hidden pepper ; likewise highlight the aromas of sweet potato and brown sugar.
Palate: Attack of this tequila is a molten softness and fresh acidity , followed by the light and pleasant alcohol. the aromas from the barrel , found in the nose leaving printed notes and toasted wood are confirmed.

Tequila 30-30 Añejo
This tequila has a beautiful light yellow gold color with reflections; It is bright and clean with a high bulk density, is a little thick legs and soon fall and the crown is maintained.
Nose: The first nose is presented with a high intensity and diversity as a complex fruit flavors are in compote, subtle aromas of the barrel and well-defined herbal notes. In second nose we confirm the aromas of fruit such as apple compote and crystallized fruit like orange and sweet potato, leaving behind its floral variety. The aromas of cooked agave are present leaving his honeyed touch. The barrel is present with a subtle hint of vanilla and bitter chocolate.
Palate: 30-30 Añejo is present in the mouth with prominent oiliness that confirms why its density. The aromas of the olfactory phase are confirmed, however highlighting the aromas are granted by the barrel of toast and spices such as pepper, vanilla, coffee and cocoa. Equally interesting flavor to mint that cools the mouth gives closure to this tequila.