The story of the Old Age begins in 1893 when this brand began to be produced in the then Daruvar brewery. The first old-time beer was Winter, it came from a wooden barrel and produced according to the recipe of the Czech immigrants to Daruvar. After the Winter Elderly, the name began to be used for other types of beer. Since then, it has been the oldest name that reminds of the unique experience of beers of the highest quality. The beer of "STAROČEŠKO" was first used in 1893, at the time of ownership by Polak, Crnera and Dobranović.
Starocesko Red Premium Lager
Description: It is characterized by its amber color, mild flavor and subsequent caramel flavor Which is retained on the palate after consuming.
Rich carbon dioxide, and has a high and persistent foam.
Production: 4 types of malt (bright, minhens, black and caramel mildew)