Our Brands from Spain:

Besanas Crianza (Wine / Spain / Toledo)

Bodegas Francisco (Wine / Spain / Madrid)

Bodegas Lan (Wine / Spain / Rioja)

Bodegas Protos (Wine / Spain / Ribera Del Duero)

Bodegas Santiago Ruiz (Wine / Spain / Rioja)

Cataregia (Wine / Spain / Terra Alta)

Claudio Sangria (Wine / Spain)

Farina Fin Del Rio (Wine / Spain)

Garvey Caramel (Vodka / Spain / Jerez)

Gran Vinaio (Wine / Spain / Penedes)

Perucchi (Vermouth / Spain / Penedes)

Santos Sangria (Wine / Spain / Valencia)

Plus and Plus Cava (Wine / Spain / Penedes)

Vina Cumbrero (Wine / Spain / Rioja)

Veterano (Brandy / Spain / Andalucia)

Masters London Dry Gin (Gin / Spain)

Anis del Mono Anisette (Liquor / Spain)

Happy Hour (Wine / Spain)

1010 Premium Drinks (Liquor / Spain)

Terrenal (Wine / Spain / Yecla)

Castell De Calders Cava (Wine / Spain)

Spain  has over  1.17 million hectares of land dedicated to the production of wine. Spain is third in production on this planet when it comes to land and also is noted as being most widely planted nation on this planet. Due to the dry, infertile soil found in most regions of Spain this country can only produce low yields. The Spanish are rated 10th on the planet for the most consumption of wine per citizen being an average of 10.06 gallons a year. This country has about 600 different varieties of grapes but only about  20 varieties consist of 80 percent of the nation wine production.

The main wine growing regions of Spain

  • Rioja
    • Rioja Alavesa
    • Rioja Alta
    • Rioja Baja
  • Jerez
  • Penedes
  • Rias Baixas
  • Ribera del Duero
  • Priorato