Our Brands from Scotland:

Marshal Scotch (Whisky / Scotland)

J.Mossman (Whisky / Scotland)

Highland Reserve Scotch (Whisky / Scotland)

King's Falcon (Whisky / Scotland)

Scotland is the Northern part of Great Britain is an endless wild landscape, where the majestic mountains rivals with the charming lakes (called lochs). In the winter, the sun is so lazy that people hardly see him. In the summer, at least when there are no dark clouds around, the sundown is very late, just before sunrise. It is probably because the long summer days are so hard for him to manage that he is so lazy during the long winter months. The sun's job during the summer is to rise the barley, which will be used during the long winter eves to warm up the hearts of people living is the mythic country. Barley will be malted, then brewed and distilled, and finally matured in oak casks, in order to become one of the most remarkable products of agriculture: single malt whisky.