An exceptional estate in the heart of Grande Champagne area in Juillac Le Coq, the terroir on which is located our family estate since 1860, the “Domaine Du Foucaudat”, gives our “eaux-de-vie” the prestigious Cognac Grande Champagne appellation, a token of fineness and aromatic complexity. The secret of our most refined Cognac lies in the uniqueness of this land which we always considered as our most precious treasure.

With a young and festal spirit, this Very Special Cognac goes along perfectly with delightful moments shared with friends. Between tradition and modernity, PASQUINET V.S. wins over the connoisseurs looking for an elegant Cognac, pleasurable to drink in all circumstances.
Our Cellar Master elaborated this particular blend with rigorously selected “eaux-de-vie”, distilled according to a traditional method transmitted over the generations and aged in Limousin oak barrels between 2 and 4 years in our ancient cellars.
Tasting Comments
Aspect: Glistening gold
Nose: The first notes are fresh and fruity, combining pear, orange and fresh grape aromas, followed by a hint of daisy flower.
Mouthfeel: Soft and mellow attack followed by a subtle development of young oak wood, vanilla pod and clove flavors.
Tasting Advices : Elegant and delightful in all circumstances, PASQUINET VS is a Cognac of choice to realize numerous cocktails and is also delicious enjoyed pure, over ice or lengthened with a mixer.

This VSOP Cognac (Very Special Old Pale) stands out with a unique style which brightly associates elegance and strength of character. This very special blend is addressed to connoisseurs in search of unique flavors made sublime by years of ageing in oak barrels.
Through a rigorous selection process in the best tradition of our ancestors, our Cellar Master combined different "eaux-de-vie" according to their aromatic profile, to ensure a harmonious and balanced Cognac. As a result, PASQUINET VSOP is appropriate for the most demanding palates.
Tasting Comments
Golden amber
Nose: Sweet fragrances of dried plum and raisin are first perceived, then follow delicate notes of jasmine and liquorice.
Mouthfeel: A soft and pleasant texture is punctuated by peach and vanilla oak aromas. The finish develops woody notes with subtle cinnamon flavors.
Tasting Advices : The unique character of PASQUINET VSOP is fully revealed when tasted pure, possibly on coconut water ice cubes. Its complex aromas also add a touch of fineness to premium cocktails.

This Cognac XO (Extra Old) shows an authentic personality, after many years of ageing in oak barrels in the heart of our centenary family cellars which keep our oldest and most precious Cognac. Steeped in our traditions, PASQUINET XO was created specially for the passionate delight.
A very long and demanding process of selecting, ageing and blending our most promising “eaux-de-vie” ensures each tasting occasion to be a real pleasure of the senses.
Tasting Comments
Aspect: Intense amber with mahogany highlights.
Nose: Subtlety spicy, we first discover complex scents of candied fruits (apricot, cherry) mixed with orange zest and coconut, and finish with delicate notes of wild carnation, violet and black pepper.
Mouthfeel: Round and velvety texture, it is a harmonious alliance between aromatic fullness and strength. Intense flavors of candied fruits, cocoa and cedar wood express on the palate, with an exquisite and long finish.
Tasting Advices : PASQUINET XO reveals its aromatic complexity when tasted pure in a tulip glass, ideally at a 20°C temperature. It also goes along wonderfully with refined desserts and with cigar tasting.

AMBRE NOIR mysterious black bottle keeps hidden from the light a unique elixir which will only reveals its true nature to the ones willing to discover the unknown.
Like Amber, this precious Cognac retains the marks of time and reveals them to the connoisseurs able to contemplate and discern their subtlety.
PASQUINET AMBRE NOIR is a hitherto unseen blend with different characteristics from the traditional Cognac qualities as it allies certain typical aromas from old “eaux-de-vie” with freshness and vigor of younger ones.
Tasting Comments
Aspect: Intense amber
Nose: Fine and elegant, we discover a unique woody character (Oak, cocoa) punctuated by subtle notes of iris flower.
Mouthfeel: Ample and mellow, a wide palette of woody and spicy flavors develops harmoniously, finishing with notes of fig and morello cherry. Long and silky finish.
Tasting Advices : AMBRE NOIR is an invitation to create and discover the unknown. Its unique character, as surprising as pleasant when tasted pure, allows to reinterpret numerous classic cocktails and open new possibilities to create unseen combinations.
Rich and complex, PASQUINET XO RARE is the result of a unique know-how transmited in the Ricard family from father to son for four generations . A selection of very old and rare "eaux-de-vie" with complex aromas were carefully blended to create an authentic and unique tasting experience. Created for the connoisseurs' delight, this rare Cognac will enchant the most refined palates.
Tasting Comments 
Aspect: Deep amber with mahogany highlights.
Nose: Subtle development of woody and fruity aromas (Rancio, sandalwood and coconut) with a touch of candied ginger.
Mouthfeel: Soft and velvety texture, it is a perfect balance between strength and elegance, revealing complex flavors of caramelized walnut and morello cherry liqueur, with a subtle and very long lasting finish.
Tasting Advices : Best served in a tulip tasting glass, PASQUINET XO RARE can be enjoyed during a gastronomic meal, or later in the evening on its own or accompanied by a Honduran cigar.
Rare and precious, PASQUINET XO Grande Champagne Cognac solely comes from the most prestigious area of the Cognac appellation controlled region.
Distilled and aged by RICARD family ancestors, the oldest “eaux-de-vie” selected to create this exceptional Cognac spent several decades in oak barrels, over the generations, until they reached optimal aromatic ripeness.
This Grande Champagne Cognac develops intense and complex aromas which will delight connoisseurs in search of an authentic product, elaborated in accordance with a Cognac making art perpetuated by our family for four generations.
Tasting Comments 
Aspect: Deep gold with copper sparkles.
Nose: Complex development of floral essences (honeysuckle, wildflower honey) punctuated by notes of morello cherry liqueur and rancio.
Mouthfeel: Soft and round texture, its powerful flavors evoke litchi, muscat grape and sandawool. The long and intense finish develops spicy notes of candied ginger.
Tasting Advices : Tasting PASQUINET XO Grande Champagne is about experiencing a special moment of pure pleasure. This exceptional Cognac is best appreciated pure, on its own or to accompany a gastronomic meal or a Cuban cigar with intense aromas.