From the very beginning, Mezcal MITRE was formed with a specific objective in mind, “to represent the fusion of Mexico´s Contemporary and Elegant with the Artisanal and Traditional”.

We work with the Master Mezcal makers Don Tacho and his son Joel Santiago, operating under a vertical and integrative business model that spans all the way from the cultivation of the agave up until the moment it is bottled. This allows us to control our provisions of high quality raw materials, as well as every stage of production, all within the Designation of Origin.
The first step consists in selecting mature magueys from the Espadín species, which take anywhere between 6 and 8 years to mature from the time they are sowed, all of them grown within the state of Oaxaca. Afterwards, the stems are removed, leaving the heart clean and exposed. The heart is then taken to Palenque, in the Santiago Matatlán municipality, one of the 7 municipalities of the “Mezcal Region”. Here they are cooked in a cone-shaped stone oven for 3 days, which was previously preheated with mesquite wood for 7 hours. The cooked heart is then taken to be shredded in a horse-drawn Egyptian mill so that they must can be extracted. The must and bagasse then begin the natural fermentation process within pine wood vats. Once the yeast has consumed all the sugar from the must and bagasse, the double distillation process can be carried out in a copper still. The final product obtained from these small 2-liter batches must mature for about 4 months until it is ready to be poured by hand into our signature jaguar heads.
This process results in a White or Young Class Artisanal Mezcal, 100% Espadín Maguey with 40° Alc. Vol.; incredibly smooth, enriched with aromatic hints of citrus, balanced flavors, and a moderately smoky flavor. It is ideal for savoring on its own or for very demanding palates that are experienced in mixology. Its versatile flavors are great as an aperitif, for pairing with food, or as a digestive.