Medvedgrad brewery has been producing its own beer for more than two decades. Natural and clear, without additives, brewed in a traditional way, our beer will bring you unforgettable experience.
In production we respect traditional, old ways of brewing beer, and use the best ingredients. Beer is made from malts, hop, water and yeast.
Zlatni medvjed
Zlatni Medvjed is a premium light  lager beer with characteristic golden yellow color, refreshing taste and slightly bitter flavor. Refreshing and very easy to drink. It should be served chilled at 5 degrees with a compact white foam.
Grička vještica
Grička Vještica is very strong dark lager with characteristic hazy, soft ruby red color. It is labeld as the strongest Croatian beer. The taste is light, aromatic, rich and fine sweetness and balanced flavor. It should be served chilled to 5 degrees with a thick, white foam.