Scottish kings of the Middle Ages would venture forth with their knights into the rugged landscape surrounding the River Spey, rich with wildlife, to hunt with their prized falcons. After a successful day chasing prey, the king would retire to his castle and celebrate with a dram of the amber nectar for which the Speyside region is now known.

King’s Falcon Single Malt Scotch
is inspired by the celebratory dram enjoyed by the King after a day of falconry.
In creating King’s Falcon, the Master Distiller set out to create a Non-Age-Specific Speyside single malt Scotch that evokes both the power and grace of the falcon. Using traditional distillation methods and aging in American oak casks that have been repaired and re-charred by in-house coopers, the Master Distiller crafts a Scotch of rich texture and aroma with subtle hints of smoky oak and a smooth, crisp finish. He then puts the liquid through a secondary maturation in first-fill bourbon casks where it develops a subtle sweetness and pleasing vanilla notes.
Aroma: Hints of honey and caramel with some pronounced barrel charring, leading to complexity.
Taste: Rich and mellow, with subtle hints of smoky oak.
Finish: Smooth and crisp, with vanilla notes.