Our Brands from India:

Grover (Wine / India)

Old Monk (Rum / India / Kasauli)

Old Monk 10000 (Beer / India)

King Chakra (Beer / India)

Royal Challenge (Whisky / India)

Godfather (Beer / India)

India is fast emerging as the good quality Wine producer in the world. In this section of the site you shall get an overview of the Wine grape growing regions in India and also see its location in the Indian map.
Nasik Region (Maharastra State) : This is the largest wine grape producing region in the country. This region includes Pune, Nasik and Ahmed Nagar. Many top wineries are located in this area including Chateau Indage and Sula Wines.
Sangali Region (Maharastra State): This region includes Solapur, Sangali, Satara and Latur.
Bangalre Region (Karnataka State): This is located at the North of Bangalore City. The famous Grover Vineyards is situated here.
Himatchal Region : It is located at the northern side of India. It is upcoming region for the wine production.