is proud to partner with the Familia Vivanco (Feliciano Vivanco Y Asociados) in the highlands of Arandas Jalisco, fourth generation agave growers and producers of the highest quality tequilas. Our handcrafted tequila uses carefully matured 100% Blue Agave, cooked in traditional clay ovens and fermented slowly, utilizing our custom yeast to ensure complex and unique aromas. Distillation takes place in small copper pot stills that add further complexity to our tequila. The aged Honor tequilas are rested on small 200 liter white American oak barrels, creating a more authentic and artisanal quality product that embraces providence.
Tequila Honor Reflexion Blanco
Filled with aromas and flavors of authentic agave, hints of mint, thyme and jasmine, a slight taste of laurel, and hints of vanilla, Reflexión is a mild tequila with inviting long finish.

Tequila Honor Redencion Reposado
Refreshing, drawing aromas of oak, honey and cocoa. Held together in balance through the fragrance of coffee, chocolate and white pepper, with a delicate combination of sweet and spicy that leads to a smooth long finish.

Tequila Honor Afilado Reposado
Full and smooth flavored with a taste of jasmine, enriched with notes of oak chocolate, cocoa and a light touch of vanilla, oak and honey that results in a deliciously long finish.