We All Started As Home Brewers.In a dorm room, in a garage, in a basement, in a kitchen – we all started as Beer Hackers brewing for cheapness, utility, and curiosity.
Flying Monkeys’ Founder, Peter Chiodo, learned home brewing as a little boy in Gramp’s Etobicoke basement. Mining his skill as a broke university student in Alabama and
even broker grad student in Mississippi, our Peter honed his talents and learned to respect beer brewed with hands (not machines). And his passion for local, fresh craft beer grew.

Flying Monkeys Aurora Heart- Chocolate-Raz Stout
- As enigmatic as the fiery passions of the human heart, this Flying Monkeys love letter to craft beer is a stout brewed with pure soft cocoa and local, late season red raspberries pureed to preserve the longings of Summer.
Taste - Aurora Heart captures the essence of a decadent raspberry truffle with a tart, acerbic bite which, like the stings of a first love, linger in your soul. A beguiling stout of heartbreaking beauty pouring with an ebony unfiltered body and a soft tan head. Bittersweet flavours with soft cocoa notes, tart berry aromas, and coffee.
Serve With - Aurora Heart is a craft beer thatloves food, too! Great with very buttery wellagedcheddar or desserts like chocolate espresso cake or cream puffs. Also surprising with a main course of spicy food like barbecued beef, Oaxacan mole, or hearty Szechuan dishes.

Flying Monkeys Manifesto Chocolate Milk Stout
– The Chocolate Manifesto is our definitive statement on beer and chocolate. Unfermentable milk sugars, or Lactose, gives this classic Milk Stout voluptuous body and velvety mouthfeel.
Taste – Three strata of raw cacao nibs, cacao powder, and chocolate malt layer a triple doozie of chocolate in this unique milk stout. Earthy espresso notes and creamy chocolate dominate this ruby-lit, burnt umber bodied beer simmering with a welcoming 10% abv of bittersweet warmth.
Serve With – The Chocolate Manifesto is a dessert unto itself. Drop in a scoop of ice cream and it becomes an amazing beer float. Also pairs with chocolate cake, crème brulee, bread pudding, classic pound cake, and fruity cheesecake.

Flying Monkeys NetherWorld-Cascadian Dark Ale
Style – Call it a Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale, we brewed Netherworld not as a style but in answer to the chorus of voices calling for a dark roasty thing with lots of west coast hops and higher ABV.
Taste – A dark roasty beer with lots of west coast hops and a higher ABV. Mud-black with eerie red tinges, this surreal Dark Ale pours with a mocha froth topping an ebony swamp of leafy hops.
Serve With – Perfect for the smokiness of grilled steaks, blackened chicken, pulled pork, BBQ, ribs, chilli, and raw oysters. Also nice with aged cheeses or creamy rich desserts like Tiramisu, butter tarts, or dark chocolate.

Flying Monkeys SmashBomb Atomic IPA
Style – Smashbomb is an authentic Ontario IPA dry-hopped with privately grown Citra Hops. Medium mouthfeel with classic IPA hop intensity balanced by a strong malt backbone.
Taste – The initial aroma shockwave that hits your face is the explosive Citra hops with citrusy, piney, and tropical aromas. Then the bitter hop flavour is trailed by the
blooming of bready malts balancing the dry atomic burn.
Serve With – Perfect for North America’s favourite fried or rich pub foods. Excellent with creamy cheeses like brie or gorgonzola, seafood, classic fish ‘n chips, salmon, or poultry like duck and turkey.