For over 30 years, the emblematic brand of the GCF Group, Comte Joseph, has been illustrating all our expertise and creating 5 exceptional cognacs.The heritage of 3 generations and their experience speak volumes.
Comte Joseph VS Cognac
Selects the finest eaux-de-vie from Cognac. They are traditionally aged for a little over two years in casks to provide the famous character of a Cognac VS. It will delight you with its delicious notes of wood, vanilla and almond. This cognac is rich and elegant with a pleasing long finish.

Comte Joseph VSOP Cognac
Has been distilled in the greatest of Cognac traditions. It is the unique result of an exquisite blend of the best Cognac cru. The acacia honey color reveals the gourmet VSOP element. Vanilla highlights the fruity palate of apricot and candied orange. A rare and distinctive element in this Cognac is a light note of roasted coffee.


Comte Joseph XO Cognac
Created using very old fruit brandies, aging, and cured in humid cellars on the banks of the Charente river, this XO is a blend of the best vintages of cognac. The rich and floral bouquet is dominant, balanced with great finesse and rich fruitiness, providing this prestigious Cognac with an exceptionnaly complex aromatic palette, mingling toasty notes with spice and vanilla to produce a silky body that is certain to please.