We like to introduce one of the best products in the market with is honorary name of AGAVALES. This product is produced to honor all the growers and artisans that work in the fields’ everyday under all type of weather conditions, cutting and caring lovingly for the Agave Plant. Without their dedication and love for their Tequila growing and processing traditions, we as producers would not be able to offer you this excellent product.
The name Agavales Tequila was selected with careful consideration for a product that surpassed all others. Mexcor International has provided the best brand name in which our customers can identify the main source used to produce Tequila (Agave). The name Agavales takes you to the origin of the Agave plant and to the birth of tequila in its wholeness and highest quality. The History, Old Traditions and the Romance-like quality when caring for the Agave, all attribute in the process when producing this tequila. The Best Tequila in the market.

Tequila Agavales Blanco
Agavales Tequila Blanco is 100% Blue Agave, a decent light sweetness of cooked agave. A medium body with nice spice and pepper notes to compliment the sweetness.  There's a bit of alcohol heat as well, but it's not unpleasant. A decent linger with the agave kick that you want from a Blanco. It doesn't last too long, but it's a nice tasting.
Tequila Agavales Gold
Agavales Tequila Gold is 100% Blue Agave, and is produced by cooking the Agave in a traditional brick oven, and then it is distilled in a steel distillation column which is a method that produces a consistent flavor.
Agavales is a surprisingly tasty and sweet ride through the agave fields of both highlands and lowlands.  Though created specifically for use as a “well brand” (read: cheap & anonymous) for bars and clubs, this juice surprised Lippy with its balanced bounty of flavors.  The Blanco was a bright and peppery agave-soaked tingle that had big notes of bight mint, menthol and spice in its liquid load.  Though the main taste structure was quite thin in the mouth, the loudness of the spices made up for the lack of complexity.  The reposado introduced planks of unsophisticated oak on the nose, but this gave way to some very nicely spiced vanilla and coconut flavors along with a thick slather of butter atop it all.  Though the reposado will not have the complicated family of flavors to keep your interest over a long session of sipping, the price and the surprising balance of flavors will have you coming back for more in both Margaritas and solo sipping sessions.