About us

InterTrade USA Company first established itself in 2008 as an importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in the US.

Today, actively developing, our Company is a leading supplier of high-quality wines, beer and spirits from all over the world, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the best brands.

Thanks to a long-term business in area of import and distribution of alcoholic beverages, InterTrade USA Company occupies a leading position in the industry. We are an exclusive supplier of more than 2000 brands from leading producers.

Our headquarter and main warehouse is located near Chicago. We have climate controlled and insured warehouses and use a state-of-the-art tracking system, which allows us to provide reliable and operative delivery of beer, wine and spirits.

Our main principles:

  • Honesty and transparency with partners and customers
  • Dynamic development of the Company and improvement of professional level of our team
  • Doing business with the best producers
  • Guarantee high quality of product
  • Offer most recognizable ethnical brands from all over the world

With extensive number of specialists, InterTrade USA Company achieves statewide market coverage. Our company’s reputation attracts the most talented and passionate employees in the wine and spirit sector.

      We offer product demonstrations, which allow new and existing customers to taste products from all around the world. In addition to our personal touch, we offer promotional material such as: posters, shelf-talkers, case displays, end isle displays, handbags, glassware, and many more.

      Our extended client portfolio includes restaurants, lounges, clubs, wine boutiques, independent retailers, and large chain stores. Being an importer gives our company an edge over competitors.

      We are looking forward to here from your business to begin a successful and long-term partnership.